Almond Blossom Tea Bags Wooden Gift Box
HK$2,380.00   HK$1,680.00

An exquisite lacquered wooden gift box presented in Van Gogh’s elegant Almond Blossom painting – a heartfelt gift to his brother Theo’s newborn child. Features a wide range of tea bags for everyday use.

Van Gogh Senses presents you eight aromatic teas suited for different moods and moments. The teas are carefully selected by our tea master who travels around the world for the highest quality ingredients.

Includes: 64 tea bags total. 8 bags x 8 types of tea: Van Gogh Breakfast, Chocolate Mint, Passionfruit Oolong, Sunflower Bouquet, Orange & Ginger, Earl Grey Lavender, Emerald Green, Blueberry Kiss.

Store in room temperature. Keep dry and cool.