Flowers have been used in art or as gifts in many cultures for generations for their natural beauty,
countless colours, pleasant aromas, and hidden meanings in the art of floriography.

In floriography, different types and numbers of flowers can communicate various meanings and emotions – sometimes romantic in nature. Van Gogh Senses hopes to bring back this elegant artform.

Flowers appear as a recurring theme in Van Gogh's body of work. One of the most iconic types in Van Gogh's paintings are sunflowers – he once said, "in some way, the sunflower represents me". Flowers are also loved for their pleasant and relaxing aromas, which is why many of the most adored teas and perfumes use flower ingredients. Remember to "stop and smell the roses", as the old idiom goes.

Van Gogh Senses flower products come in two forms: Victorian posies (a classic form of floral art from the Victorian era), or flower boxes inspired by Van Gogh's paintings. Get in touch if you'd like us to design more personalized posies to give your loved ones, friends, or business associates. Enjoy custom arrangements and pleasant aromas with specific meanings and colours to suit the occasion of your choice.