Chinese New Year Celebrations

Chinese New Year Brunch

Available from 11:30am to 3:30pm from 17 to 19 Feb.

Please call 2622 2887 for reservation.

Click here to make your reservation now.

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Chinese New Year Hamper

Chinese New Year Hamper

Van Gogh SENSES 2018 Chinese New Year Hamper is available now.

For order, please call8522618 1487/ 2116 4224 or email

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Whimsical Wine Conclave - Wine Dinner

Reserve your seat for our first Wine Dinner - Whimsical Wine Conclave sponsored by Vignette du Vin.

A must-attend event for every wine aficionado, join the dinner to learn about wines from South of France, where Van Gogh used to paint and live. Waive 10% service charge for reservation before 25 Feb. Limited seats only, book NOW!

Date: 6 Mar 2018 (Tue)

Time: 7:30pm Cocktail, 8:00pm Dinner

Price: HKD758 for 5 courses with 6 wines (10% service charge applies)

Guest speaker: Mr. Paolo Ponghellini

For menu and reservation: please call 2622 2887 or click here.

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Signature Lite Menu Now Available

Available daily from 6:00pm to 10:00pm till 9 February. 

Please call 2622 2887 for reservation. 

Click here to make your reservation now.

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Opening of Van Gogh SENSES‧Gifts

A toast and cheers to the opening of our new Van Gogh SENSESGifts at Harvey Nichols counter in Pacific Place! Experience sensually the timeless beauty of Van Gogh’s works of art in our great selection of gifts while spoiling your taste buds with the exquisite confectionaries and coffee.

Address: Level 2, Harvey Nichols, Pacific Place, Admiralty 

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Vincent Themed Month - Vincent and the Yellow House

The Yellow House (The Street)

Arles, September 1888

Oil on canvas, 72 cm x 91.5cm


When I first saw the painting, I was enlightened…it looked so casual, I had no idea…

In a letter to Wil, his sister

My house here is painted the yellow colour of fresh butter on the outside, with glaringly green shutters; it stands in full sunlight in a square that has a green garden with plane trees, oleanders and acacias.  It is completely whitewashed inside, with a floor made of red bricks.  And over it there in the intensely blue sky.  In this house I can love and breathe, meditate and paint.


In a letter to Theo, his brother

“I am sure that I shall be able to do a good job of work, and during that period I should not like to run short of yellow and blue.”


Van Gogh rented four rooms on the right side of a house on Place Lamartine in Arles (southern France).  Better known as “The Yellow House”, Van Gogh himself called it “The Street”.    He had hoped that here, at The Yellow House, he could invite friends and establish it as the “Studio of the South”, where like-minded artists could live and create together. 


He furnished it with used furniture - beds, chairs, a table, mirrors etc with money from Theo.  


The Bedroom

Arles, October 1888

Oil on canvas, 72.4 cm x 91.3 cm

Gauguin's Chair

Arles, November 1888

Oil on canvas, 90.5 cm x 72.7 cm

The two chairs he bought, one for him and the other, his good friend Gauguin.  Behind the green shutters.


To Theo,

“Now that I hope to live with Gauguin in a studio of our own, I want to make decorations for the studio. Nothing but big flowers. Next door to your shop, in the restaurant, you know there is a lovely decoration of flowers; I always remember the big sunflowers in the window there.


If I carry out this idea there will be a dozen panels. So the whole thing will be a symphony in blue and yellow. I am working at it every morning from sunrise on, for the flowers fade so soon, and the thing is to do the whole in one rush.”


Arles, January 1889

Oil on canvas, 95 cm x 73 cm


Later, during the summer, he painted the harvest scenes of wheat fields, fishing boats and many more portraits, of people and of course, of himself.


In the year, in Arles some 300 paintings and drawings.

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Nothing Speaks of Love More Than a Delightful Afternoon Tea

Van Gogh SENSES Presents “Sunflower Afternoon Tea Set” A Passionate Date with Van Gogh at 1881 Heritage

Van Gogh SENSES is the world’s first Van Gogh Concept Store and a multi-sensory space where Van Gogh pilgrims could immerse themselves in Van Gogh’s masterpieces and vitalize their senses in the unique, stimulating Van Gogh experience. Since its opening in August 2017, Van Gogh SENSES has been receiving increasing attention from many locals and art lovers from around the world.


Van Gogh has an eye for sunflowers and created 11 unique sunflower art pieces in his later period. From the letter he wrote to his brother Theodorus Van Gogh, he said, “The sunflower is me, in a way.” To Van Gogh, sunflower is not just a flower, but the symbol of passion, both colorful and vibrant. Inspired by Van Gogh’s great masterpiece, Van Gogh SENSES introduced its first sunflower-themed afternoon tea set in late September. Macy Lai, Executive Chef of Van Gogh SENSES, hopes to share Van Gogh’s passion for sunflowers with guests and take them on a gastronomic adventure in a relaxing afternoon.


Served on a two-tiered cake stand, the “Sunflower Afternoon Tea Set” comes with eight sweet and savory delights, all delicately crafted by our talented chefs.


Sea Salt Scone with Smoked Foie Gras Pâté: Best served warm, English scone is a classic in traditional afternoon tea. Bite into a flaky, buttery scone that is slathered with smoky duck liver pâté and a lovely touch of sea salt on the top.

Mimosa Egg with Caviar: Fragrant, crispy bite-sized toast with egg yolk filling is topped with precious Sturgeon caviar, and the richness adds a uniqueness to our palate.

Picked Pumpkin & Beetroot on Sunflower Bruschetta: A slice of crunchy sunflower bruschetta is paired with light, sweet pumpkin purée and a refreshing pickled pumpkin and beetroot shaped like a flower.

Scottish Salmon Arancini: Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. Fresh salmon is marinated with light, refreshing beetroot. This bold combination is stuffed in a crispy rice ball.

Lemon tart: The baked lemon tart is a timeless classic. Tangy lemon matches with heavenly light shortcrust pastry.

Van Gogh Macarons: Light and chewy, Van Gogh SENSES is known for its selection of savory macarons.

Mango Sphere & Coconut Meringue: Fresh tropical mango is made into a smooth jelly with a mousse consistency, and sits atop a light, crunchy coconut meringue that will definitely stirs your palate.

Sunflower Bloody Orange Cake: Light, fluffy sponge cake decorated with a thinly sliced dried bloody orange on top, as if you are getting a warm hug.


Guest can also enjoy Van Gogh-themed coffee.

While enjoying the palatable afternoon tea set, you will also find yourself indulging in an array of sunflowers and falling in love with the relaxing ambience. The hanging sunflowers overhead looks like as if an energetic youth is waving at you passionately.


Van Gogh is known for his bold, dramatic brush strokes and bright contrast painting style. Art zealots must also visit The Sunflower replica placed at the center of the concept store for this is a great opportunity to see the work in fine detail and interpret his thoughts and feelings. While walking down the corridor, you will also see a wide range of books related to Van Gogh. Every corner of the concept store is thoughtfully designed to exhibit the spirit of Van Gogh.


Each guest will receive an exclusive “The Sunflowers” postcard upon patronage. During promotional period, there will be discount for purchasing “The Sunflowers” products. Van Gogh SENSES will launch other afternoon tea sets with different themes regularly in the future. Stay tuned!



Van Gogh SENSES Sunflower Afternoon Tea Set


September 28 – November 30


3:00pm – 5:30pm


HK$498 for two persons


Van Gogh SENSES Flagship Store


For reservations and enquiries, please call (852) 2622 2887. All items are subject to 10% service charge. 

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The Dutch Days at Brasserie on the Eighth Assembles

Culinary Talents the Buysse Brothers and Paintings of Vincent van Gogh

Hong Kong, China – 5 April 2016 – This April, Dutch culinary and artistic expressions converge at Brasserie on the Eighth. In celebration of the Dutch Days, the restaurant will collaborate with the Consulate of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and Van Gogh Senses to host guest chefs and brothers Hendrik and Kamiel Buysse from Blend with the pop-up dining concept "Art X Dining on the Eighth". Their appearance at Conrad Hong Kong will be especially remarkable, as they will concoct a menu that pays tribute to Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh. It will be a rare opportunity for guests to get up close and personal with the masterpieces from the Van Gogh Museum supported by Van Gogh Senses, Asia's first Van Gogh themed lifestyle experience brand, aspires to share Van Gogh's passion & unique color palettes, while savouring gastronomic delicacies from the European lowland.

he Buysse Brothers established Blend, an innovative concept combining food, drinks and entertainment, in 2015. Hendrik is the brain leading the kitchen. Having worked for Michelin-starred restaurants in native Zeeland, the Netherlands, he discovered many exceptional local produce and incorporated them into his global tours. As the face of the team, Kamiel employs his knowledge in mixology and music to heat up the atmosphere. Together the dynamic duo quickly launched themselves on the map of great culinary personalities, presenting playful and delicious experiences in pop-up events around the world.

With overflowing creativity, the "blend brothers" handpick the finest and seasonal ingredients from their home country in representing the works of van Gogh. Sunflowers, one of the painter's most revered pieces, becomes the muse for Hendrik to demonstrate his skills in cooking. The work's bold brushstrokes translate into picanha (sirloin cap) steak tartare boasting rich flavours, elevated by arugula, sunflower seeds and pumpkin. Another renowned painting The Harvest also finds its way to the plate. French garlic, Zeeland cockles, sweetbread and nasturtium recreate the vivid hues in van Gogh's idyllic scene featuring the simple country life of Arles, France. Cocktail lovers can't miss Kamiel's interpretation on Almond Blossom and Wheatfield under Thunderclouds, for which he mixes wheat grass, apple, almond and absinth.

While tasting the artwork-inspired dishes, diners will have the chance to revisit the van Gogh's life journey through three paintings from the Relievo Collection of Van Gogh Museum – limited edition, high resolution reproductions using advanced three-dimensional scan technology. These pieces document van Gogh's productive, yet tumultuous last years. While the peaceful Harvest (1888) epitomizes his utopian worldview, his disenchantment is mediated through the Sunflowers (1889) after failing to develop an artist community and a fall-out with Paul Gauguin. The stormy skies in Wheatfield under Thunderclouds (1890) are evidence to the sadness and extreme loneliness he endured which led to his ultimate suicide.

The Dutch Days with Buysse Brothers will take place from 21 to 30 April. Dinner sets are available in four and six courses at HK$830 and HK$1,080* respectively, with options to include cocktail or wine pairings. A special art wine dinner will be held on 27 April highlighting van Gogh's illustrations. Alternatively, guests can sample Hendrik's dishes from lunch sets and a special cooking class. Some art-inspired tapas and cocktails by Kamiel, as well as the pop-up store with special edition merchandise presented by Van Gogh Senses can also be found at Pacific Bar during the promotion period.

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