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Expericence an Exceptional Easter with Van Gogh Art de Sweets

[Hong Kong, 27 March 2017] Easter symbolizes rebirth and hopes. A day to commemorate to resurrection of Jesus. It also reflects the kind of positivity and grace one holds in life. In this special occasion, Van Gogh Art de Sweets wishes to create a joyful atmosphere by bringing you a game in the Pop-Up store in Admiralty, as well as, presenting to you the limited "Bedroom in Arles" biscuits.

A Unique Chocolate Biscuit for an Exceptional Easter

In this Easter, Van Gogh Art de Sweets presents "Bedroom in Arles" biscuits. The biscuits are entirely homemade which gives an extra touch of flakiness. The "bed" is made with icing and the icing goes perfectly well with the buttery biscuit, giving it an exquisite taste. The biscuits are inspired by one of Van Gogh's great art pieces – Bedroom in Arles. A main characteristic of the art piece is its odd interpretation with a strong color contrast. For the packaging, you will see a door which symbolizes finding light and happiness behind the door.

Chocolate is also a good option for celebration. The chocolates are made by one of the oldest premium Belgian manufacturers with over a hundred years of history and high standards of quality. The brand also uses different packages, for instance, Van Gogh Book of Chocolates (15pcs of Belgian chocolates), Van Gogh Jewelry Box (32pcs of Belgian chocolates), and Van Gogh Wooden Gift Box. Not only are the packages extremely attractive, the boxes can be used in many other ways as well!

In a Van Gogh chocolate box, you will find a variety of chocolates in which each has a different shape and color. Among all, the most unique must be that pink mixed fruit chocolate. Also, one cannot forget about the classic hazelnut praline with crushed hazelnuts. It has the perfect balance between two different ingredients; hazelnuts being wrapped in white chocolate. If you are looking for something refreshing, then it is a must to try the white ganache with lemon. Every chocolate is exceptional. Allow yourself to indulge in the sweetness with your beloved ones.

Specially Presents to You "Guess How Many?"

Add a bit of excitement to your Easter by joining us at our Pop-Up store in Admiralty. Starting on 27 March 2017, we are bringing you a little game, "Guess How Many?". Once you step inside the store, a big transparent egg-shaped container will be located in the middle of the store. The game is fairly simply and all you need to do is count how many Easter eggs are inside. Each participant has three opportunities, and if you get the correct answer, you will receive a gift. Last but not least, the Pop-Up store has other products, so fill your day with artistic sensation in our Pop-Up store!

  • "Bedroom in Arles"



  • Van Gogh Wooden Gift Box

    (45pcs of Belgian chocolate thins)


  • Van Gogh Jewelry Box

    (32pcs of Belgian chocolates)


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Van Gogh Art de Sweets Presents special gift for Mother's Day

Spoil your mother with enchanting Van Gogh Floral and confectionary

[Hong Kong, 5th May 2017] They say behind every talented man is a supporting woman. Van Gogh was influenced by his mother's love for art and nature – a fact that inspired many of his famous paintings. During his final years, Van Gogh even dedicated a painting to the memory of his mother. This Mother's Day, Van Gogh Art de Sweets presents a special Mother's Day edition Van Gogh Gift Box, with 9 pieces of Belgian chocolate to give your mother something sweet to smile about. Also featuring our Mother's Day Gift Hamper, with Stroopwafels, macarons, and other unique delicacies to express your love in this important occasion.

A Unique Chocolate Gift Box for mother

Spoil your mom at this mother's day with Van Gogh gift box Mother's Day Limited Edition. Our Mother's Day Violet Floral 9 pcs Chocolates Box with 9 pieces of signature chocolate, is exquisitely decorated with a special silk flower ornament designed by Gary Kwok, our renowned florist in HK. Express your love and gratitude for your beloved mother with our enchanting packaging and unique delicacies. The chocolates are made by one of the oldest premium Belgian manufacturers with over a hundred years of history and high standards of quality. Since 1909, this chocolate manufacturer has insisted on using a traditional recipe with excellent craftsmanship and production process, to produce their premium gourmet chocolates. One of the brand's celebrated products is the hazelnut praline. In order to enhance the enticing flavors of hazelnuts, the manufacturer uses a special technique and its unique recipe.

Mother's Day Floral Hamper is an impeccable choice to send to a loved one. Each product it contains offers a succession of delightful surprises .Our Van Gogh gift hamper features an enchanting selection of goodies, including 1 box of Van Gogh Immersion tea set, yellow house macaron gift box, Mother's Day Violet Floral 9 pcs Chocolates Box and stroopwafels.

Take special attention to our tea flavours. Van Gogh Senses invited tea masters to travel around the world to select the best quality of tea leaves and blended eight unique flavor, All items are packed inside a distinctively-designed Mother's day hamper, a perfect choice as gifts to show your love to your beloved mum.

About Van Gogh Art de Sweets

Van Gogh Art de Sweets has a strong vision to infuse art into all arenas and to create an entire new gourmet experience.

Through its collaboration with Van Gogh Museum, Van Gogh Art de Sweets wishes to share and reminisce Van Gogh for his great dedication to art, and to fill our days with hope and passion. "We hope Van Gogh's artworks are not just paintings being hanged in the museum, but the catalyst to bring inspiration to everyone."

The motto of Van Gogh Art de Sweets: Infusing life with Van Gogh

Each of Van Gogh Art de Sweets products is, like Van Gogh's painting, passionately made to perfection to ensure the highest quality products are presented to all customers. The ultimate goal is to promote a new cultural lifestyle that integrates the appreciation of art into everyday life.

  • Mother's Day Violet Floral 9 pcs Chocolates Box


  • Mother's Day Floral Hamper

    Special Price $1188

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