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The Van Gogh SENSES flagship store at 1881 Heritage is more than just a place to experience art. It’s also somewhere you can bring guests for a refreshing new experience – catering and event support services included. The event space is equally suited for corporate or private events, and can be tailored to suit your event’s concept.


Low-key décor with classic Van Gogh art pieces for a corporate cocktail event.

Floor Plan

Cater to different event by flexible arrangement.

Lighting & decoration

Colourful flower arrangements for a celebratory occasion among friends.

Food & Beverage

Aromatic teas and confectionaries for guests who want a taste of something new.

Annual Dinner

Superb location in the prestigious 1881 Heritage complex, suitable for corporate and company event. Each detail has been meticulously deliberated to allow guests to enjoy the essence of his art in its finest form.

Cocktail Party

Idea place for people to hold a small and cozy parties. A great choice for intimate, sophisticated gatherings.

Baby Shower

Art-themed place for the celebration of your new born baby.

Wedding Proposal

Your eternal romance celebrated in a collage of expressive colours and flavours, reminiscent of post-impressionist masterpieces – enjoyed in the classic Victorian-esque surroundings of 1881 Heritage.

Wedding Ceremony

Colourful flower patterns. Tailored desserts. Delightful cakes. Emotive décor. Memorable gifts. Enjoy the complete arrangement on your romantic journey inspired by timeless art and beauty.

Graduation Party

Enjoy an art-inspired graduation party in the world’s first Van Gogh art-themed concept store.

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