Licensed by the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam

Recreates Van Gogh’s masterful creativity with dining, gifts and floral arrangements

Steps into Van Gogh’s world.

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Engaging in Van Gogh’s world of beauty will lift all your SENSES to be deeply touched

Van Gogh SENSES was created in 2017 to bring you a unique experience of the artist’s world of eternal beauty with all your senses deeply touched. We aspire to present the great Dutch painter, his artworks and his concepts about life to a wider audience so that all of us can feel Van Gogh’s artistic presence in everyday life.

Van Gogh SENSES started with a visit to the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, Holland. With the whole-hearted support of the museum, we strive to promote the Van Gogh culture in Hong Kong through a series of exciting retail, dining and co-branding experiences.

With these experiences, Van Gogh’s masterpieces are no longer just something inside the museum. In fact, we can now make Van Gogh and his aesthetics part of our everyday life. We can have a sip of tea and a bite of cake inspired by the master’s great artwork while stepping into his world and learning about his life experiences through our different senses. Our culinary artists at Van Gogh SENSES including chefs, baristas, mixologists and serving staff are inspired by this post-impressionist painter and all have a great passion and a thorough understanding of his life story and artist pursuits. So do come and ‘Be Inspired By The Inspired’!

What’s more, you can share your love for Van Gogh farther and wider. Apart from inviting your art-loving friends to bask in the artistic and natural environment and enjoy infused delicacies and beverages, you can also purchase and bring home our unique Van Gogh designed gift items and museum collection items for any gifting occasions. So let Van Gogh’s beauty and creativity be around us and our friends all the time!

Our Stores

Van Gogh SENSES Flagship Store – A sensory journey of Van Gogh’s eternal beauty

In the 4,000-square-foot venue, our Van Gogh SENSES flagship store celebrates the Dutch painter in all his glory with a…
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Van Gogh SENSES Gifts

Vincent van Gogh once wrote: ‘The way to know life is to love many things’. At Van Gogh SENSES Gifts,…
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Van Gogh SENSES Bistro

The interior with artworks paying homage to Van Gogh’s paintings is also a visual feast. Our staff can explain to you the stories behind each painting and the concepts behind each dish, thus taking your shopping and dining experience to another level.

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Van Gogh SENSES Flower

Check out our preserved flower art selection

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Our Services

Special Offer of Mooncake Voucher

2020 Special Offer of Van Gogh SENSES Mooncake Voucher for Corporate Clients

Inspired by the art of gifting, each set comes in a bright collectable tin which depicts Van Gogh’s iconic masterpiece “Sunflowers”, and features artists brushstrokes, and contains six decadent Egg Custard mooncakes, paired with two different types of caffeine-free teas “Sunflower Bouquet”, and “Blueberry Kiss”. The mooncakes are the perfect gift for family, friends and business partners as you gather to celebrate this holiday season and relish in the art of gifting.

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Corporate Gifts

Collaborate with Van Gogh SENSES to design tailor-made branded gifts or experiences for your clients, stakeholders, or loved ones. Van Gogh art-inspired sensory experiences that tell your story, with your vision. Suited for all occasions or seasons.

There are plenty of ways to tell a story. An ongoing saga of experiences, or a short and sweet poem that leaves the recipient longing for more. Our team of specialists will guide you through our creations and options.

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Event Planning

The Van Gogh SENSES flagship store at 1881 Heritage is more than just a place to experience art. It’s also somewhere you can bring guests for a refreshing new experience – catering and event support services included. The event space is equally suited for corporate or private events, and can be tailored to suit your event’s concept.

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