Our coffee beans are slowly roasted for 100 minutes to extract the best balance of bitterness and sweetness to ensure flavour consistency. We have blended four different types of coffees to suit the tastes of all coffee lovers.

Which coffee best suits your needs?

Intense Passion

A burst of intensity to invigorate the senses. Ready to face the day, and the challenges it brings. Strongly roasted with an intense aroma. The blend combines some of the best natural and washed coffee qualities. Produced across three continents and carefully prepared, batch by batch.


Delicate Serenity

A sweet lull to relax the soul. Ease your stress away, like a long-deserved holiday. The blend includes five Arabica qualities and three Robusta ones. All natural and prepared batch by batch. Featuring a smooth, sweet and liqueur-like flavour.


Sweet Sorrow

Like a bittersweet memory. Reflecting on what was, but could never be – if only. This coffee blends sweet Central American Arabicas with the best Brazilian Santos. The body is provided by the highly valued Indian and Central American washed Robustas.


Elegant Delight

Mild mannered coffee – delicate tastes and subtle flavours reminiscent of a soft autumn breeze. The blend is composed of three Arabica qualities and three Robusta ones, all of them natural. Carefully selected and washed to retain a pleasant, soft taste.